SoundBite - FEATURE-REQUEST-ID=v2024-04-18
Add MessageID via Inbox and in Download FileName

#1 - SpeakPipe - Has a great feature where you can always easily track and match any recording via Inbox by the Message ID

#2 - SpeakPipe - Has a download button, one step, direct dowload. The MP3 file will include date/time stamp and Message ID as part of the file name like "_msgXXX"

#3 - SoundBite - Inbox does not have any message Message ID, and would be difficult and very time consuming to match the MP3 download back to the inbox.

#4 - SoundBite - Below is a test MP3 downloaded from SoundBite.

The filename already has date stamp 🙂

Could you add MessageID to the filename - something like "_msg403" ?