Our Mission

Using the power of quality music to inspire, educate, and motivate people of all ages and all musical levels to build a supportive music community.

We Believe

Music is for everyone
Music is a bridge that connects people
Music is best when it’s shared

Music Exchange


Ah, music.  A magic beyond all we do here!”
~ Dumbledore, from Harry Potter

Music is indeed a form of magic, and one that is available to everyone.  No matter what your age, your culture, your beliefs, you probably treasure the music in your life.

Once a month, our Music Exchange members and friends meet one another on Zoom and exchange musical ideas in lively inspiring discussions.  It’s so exciting for musicians of all levels and ages to get together in a community of nurturing and sharing.  Our club is committed to civilized discourse and respectful interchange, so parents can relax, knowing that your children are in a safe online environment.

You are invited to begin the never-ending, always-enthralling journey of exploring great music.  We will meet once a month in a group, via Zoom.  Each month someone new will be the presenter.  The presenter may introduce us to a piece of favorite music or open a discussion about some aspect of music or of being a musician.  Our total time together in each monthly session will be about one hour.

Invite your friends and family to this one-of-a-kind gathering.  We always meet the Second Saturday of each month.  Here are the next four dates.  Be sure and put them on your calendar!

  • Music Exchange Zoom - March 2024

    Saturday 03/09/24 12 pm ET
    Neil Awasthi - Presenter

  • Music Exchange Zoom - April 2024

    Saturday 04/13/24 12 pm ET
    Alex Moiseev - Presenter

  • Music Exchange Zoom - May 2024

    Saturday 05/11/24 12 pm ET
    Logan Evans - Presenter

  • Music Exchange Zoom - June 2024

    Saturday 06/08/24 12 pm ET
    Raphi Mouawad - Presenter

If you’re interested in our monthly Second Saturday Zoom sessions, just complete the following form. 


We host fun and supportive regular ongoing music contests

Exciting News

Our Music Contest will now be hosted on YouTube!

Our new YouTube music contest has many advantages to grow your musicianship.
Contest Details - Guidelines - Prizes: