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The Green Dragon

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The Green Dragon is my primary mode of Zen transportation, and this high tech electric bike forces me to live in the “Slow Lane”. I do not judge anyone who drives cars, I get it. I used to drive a car daily, and I was constantly in the middle of the modern transportation madness. Even now, sometimes life happens, and I must take an occasional uber, but my primary mode of daily transportation is my bike. In fact, just realizing that we are now in the year 2024, I remember it has been around twenty years that I have not driven a car!

This decision to move away from cars started in part with the fact that I was living in China with a very advanced public transportation system, and in fact, in that environment, there was no need for a car. There was also the aspect of striving for a clean air lifestyle, since living in Beijing was so heavy with air pollution that on some days we had to wear masks just to go grocery shopping. When I returned to the USA, at that time, I had become so used to not driving, that my life just naturally integrated with alternate transportation, and that is how my bike lifestyle evolved.

I have also realized what a unique journey this “no car” lifestyle has offered me, and I am blessed to learn things that I could never learn any other way. Now I am much closer to nature, can sense when the rain is coming, deeply feel the minute temperature changes, and I am aware of every pothole in my little college town! I also have a more calm and relaxed daily rhythm, which I feel definitely translates into my music, since every aspect of a person’s lifestyle is reflected in their art.