War occurs when artists are silenced

When weak leaders create war and suffering, strong people create joy and peace.

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The transition from a pro musician in China into a spiritual life

University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill

UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media


University of North Carolina

Chapel Hill

UNC Department of Communication


Monk, Not Musician

A film by Eric Thorn and Brian Corrigan

Live Events and Private Functions


Trumpet - Solo Performer

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UNC Chi Psi Fraternity Cocktail
"Chris- Thanks for coming out!
We had a lot of fun and everyone was loving you!"
University of North Carolina - Chi Psi Fraternity Private Function

UNC Sigma Chi Fraternity:

UNC - Sigma Chi Fraternity

Sample Sounds

Memories to last a lifetime – that is what the life is all about.  When performing at private events, my focus is making sure that your friends and family build lasting memories.

Wonderful World
UNC Sigma Chi Fraternity Parents Weekend
"Hey Chris! Was great having you Saturday.
Would love to have you back soon it was awesome. "
University of North Carolina
Sigma Chi Fraternity
Sigma Chi Fraternity

Recent Performance

UNC Chapel Hill - Chi Psi - Fraternity

University of North Carolina - Chi Psi Fraternity Private Function

Past Performances and Events

I have played countless high society private functions all over the world and below are some of my most awesome event memories.

I have performed in the UNC and East Coast USA area for years, including for the:
Kenan Family, the Dean Smith Family, Eric Montross (Boston Celtics), and the Bassett Furniture Family on the exclusive Jupiter Island, Florida. Also at the historic Biltmore House, Carolina Club, Grove Park Inn, Charleston Yacht Club, and Walnut Creek Amphitheater.

I worked around the southeast with the band “Soul Desire” for years.  One of the most memorable shows was opening for Joe CockerThe Fabulous Thunderbirds, and B.B. King

I have also recorded or performed with members of well known artists and groups such as the hit retro band Squirrel Nut Zippers, as well as Mickey Mills and Steel (Reggae), the North Carolina Theatre Orchestra, the UNC Classical Guitar Ensembleand Xavier Padilla of the world-famous Gypsy Kings from southern France.

In addition I was a professional musician in mainland China for around a decade.
I founded the “China Blues” band from Beijing, and performed countless private functions, hotels, and resorts in Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hainan Island.

Shenzhen, China - Car Expo Show:
High Society Hotels and Resorts
Six Star Resort overlooking Hong Kong Bay
I worked as the house guitarist for years at the
Interlaken OCT Hotel in Shenzhen, China:
I worked as Foreign Music Manager and founded the house band "China Blues"
at Uklub in Shenzhen, China
For years I worked as the Uklub lead guitar / singer / bass
for the "China Blues" house band
I brought USA Jazz into this multimillion dollar club in China

Performing for Tencent Corporation in China

The wealthiest client I have ever performed for
rented this entire resort for their event:
Private yearly party for one of the most profitable companies in China
As of 2023 Tencent has a market cap of around $378 Billion USD
The weather was perfect, and this mountain resort
was lined with natural hot springs:
Tencent Holdings Ltd. is a Chinese multinational technology conglomerate
and holding company headquartered in Shenzhen, China
They built a small bridge, and requested our band
to perform in the middle of the large swimming pool
Our stage in the middle of the water
Performing under the stars
High tech multimedia display and entertainment
The air was clean, they treated our "China Blues" band like good friends
and I was honored to perform for Tencent:
Tencent coporation created the WeChat App and is one of the highest grossing
multimedia companies in the world based on revenue.