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“A Lot of people ask me about my music technology gear, and every piece of gear was handpicked, and programmed or configured by me in order to effortlessly remotely control all my sounds in a live setting. I put all this together into a cohesive and high tech music experience which I transport via my bike, and I call this portable setup my “AI Orchestra”. I have performed with countless “live musicians” since I was a young kid, so I have been there and done that. At this point in my life, I feel technology allows me creative freedom, and independence, so that I can focus on the music. I prefer not to be distracted by other musicians’ egos, artistic temperaments, or their different vision of sound. My spiritual journey demands a distinctly disciplined daily life flow, which is mostly in solitude, so having other people involved in my music distracts from the greater goal of my monk life.

I build a lot of my own backing tracks, and record different instrument parts using my two pianos and digital workstation keyboard in my home studio. Sometimes I even write and compose original songs and tracks, and lately I have been inspired to create even more originals! For me it’s all about the stark reality of bringing music out into daily life. This means you do whatever it takes, and use whatever technology necessary to bring the high level music onto the streets, night after night after night. That goal of consistent nightly performance, would be impossible if I waited on corralling a five piece live jazz band, or classical chamber group. Instead, I prefer to use my technology skills to bring out the music, and not depend on other live musicians.

I have been asked if owning my tech gear, or owning possessions in general, conflicts with my monk life and spiritual path. In my view, the accumulation of material possessions and wealth is not an issue for the Trumpet Monk, since I live by my own rules, and vows. From what I observe, many nations regularly spend billions to develop greater and more sophisticated weapons that have the potential to destroy humanity. In response, I feel I have every right, even an obligation, to use any technology, and any amount of financial resources to spread peace and joy thru my music. My only concern is – Are you using material possessions, wealth, and resources in a ‘skillful way’ to make the world better, or in an ‘unskillful way’ that creates more suffering.”