Tech Gear

My Story – AI Exhibit Tech Gear   “A Lot of people ask me about my music technology gear, and every piece of gear was handpicked, and programmed or configured by me in order to effortlessly remotely control all my sounds in a live setting. I put all this together into a cohesive and […]


My Story – AI Exhibit Trumpet “When I hit the street I always set up the trumpet first, leaving it propped up in the backpack case, so this way the people will know what is coming up on this corner. Although I was formerly a guitar player, singer, and multi instrumentalist, there is something […]

Green Dragon

My Story – AI Exhibit The Green Dragon   The Green Dragon is my primary mode of Zen transportation, and this high tech electric bike forces me to live in the “Slow Lane”. I do not judge anyone who drives cars, I get it. I used to drive a car daily, and I was […]

Magic Konghou Book

My Story – AI Exhibit Magic Konghou Book I call this book the “Magic Konghou Book”, and this scholarly work symbolizes historic, artistic, and extremely high level musical culture. The book was given to me as a personal gift during a stormy night in Beijing when I was invited to the authentic and cozy […]


My Story – AI Exhibit Altar   “The books on my ‘Trumpet Monk Altar’ are my foundation of artistic and spiritual grounding. These two books represent extremely high-level culture and wisdom, and always keep me firmly rooted in difficult times. The ‘Magic Konghou Book’ is a rare detailed chronology of the history and development […]


The Trumpet Monk Evolution and Rebirth The Former Life As a musician in Chinese high society social network, he performed at palatial resorts, exclusive clubs, and high-end function parties for around a decade in mainland China. A flyer that promoted a performance of Chris’ band “China Blues” at Uklub in Shenzhen, China, on October 29th, […]


What a Wonderful World Enjoy a Musical Gift! Below is your special musical video eCard for friends of the Trumpet Monk who have given so much support! 谢谢 ( thanks ) – Chris performed by Trumpet Monk What a Wonderful World – If only we would give it a chance…


Silent Night in Hong Kong China Blues Trio Enjoy a Holiday Gift! Below is your special musical video gift for friends of the Trumpet Monk who have given so much support in 2023 – Thank you! 谢谢 ( thanks ) – Chris Christmas in my past life as a pro musician in China